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Rekey Locks

Set your mind at ease by knowing that skilled locksmiths stand around and have both the tools and the knowledge to rekey locks in Guelph, Ontario. If you are currently seeking locksmiths experienced in lock rekeying, there’s no need to keep searching. Now that you found Guelph Locksmith Ltd, you can trust that whenever the need arises, you can turn to us and have your locks rekeyed. So, is this request of yours time-pressing?

If you urgently need to rekey locks, Guelph locksmiths respond in no time

Rekey Locks Guelph

Experienced locksmiths in Guelph rekey locks before you know. If you are in a hurry to have the job done or this is truly an emergency, you can depend on our company. We understand that missing and stolen keys are always bad news. Such situations may lead to office security breaches and home break-ins. Consequently, the sooner you tell us about a similar case the sooner you will eradicate such risks.

Since the appointed locksmiths come out well-equipped and have experience with such jobs, they rekey locks on the spot and properly. What’s the point of taking risks when you can make a phone call and book service?

Or, are you interested in a master key system?

There’s also a possibility that you want to ask or book service for the setup of a master key system. Is this an office and you want several locks rekeyed and several master keys made? Or, want a simpler design at home? Maybe, just one master key to operate a few doors and a cabinet? In any case, contact our team.

Lock rekeying and key making by skilled locksmiths

Lock rekey services are needed when you want to have one key operating multiple locks. It’s also the best service you can book when the lock is fine and shouldn’t change but the key is in the wrong hands and may put you in security-related trouble. Lock rekeying involves the replacement of the pins and of their configuration so that the key won’t fit anymore. With new pins and a new pin configuration, the lock will only work with the freshly made key. And so, what you really want is key change.

Rest easy knowing that the locksmiths carry key replacement products, key cutting machines, and all sorts of tools in their truck to do the job right then and there, and correctly. So, don’t think about it. If – for some reason, you need to book a pro to rekey locks, Guelph’s most experienced locksmith will be with you as soon as you want the service.